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The Floozie decoys are designed for gobblers up close and in your face action.  Watch in the following videos as gobblers come in strutting, spitting and drumming, and then mount the decoy.  Probably even more exciting is watching gobblers flog the Floozie Jake.  You don't have to worry about the gobbler destroying your Floozie decoy as they are durable and can stand the beating, even in the rain.  So, just sit back and enjoy the show.  This decoy will make your turkey hunting more successful and exciting.  Many of our customers have used mounted birds, but once they have had the “Floozie Experience”, they all say the Floozie is the best decoy.  Whether you are a first time hunter or a seasoned guide, the Floozie will give you the “edge”.  Watch the video and read the testimonials and see if you want the “Floozie Experience” “Floozie decoys are designed for hunters who want the best!”

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The Floozie Turkey Decoys, customer photos and testimonials

If you have photos of you using our decoys or shots of you and your birds taken as a result of using our decoys, please send them to us.  We would love to see and hear about your stories.  You can also tell us about your experiences using your testimonials page.  Click here to let us know what you think

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See The Floozie Turkey Decoys in Action
The Floozie Turkey Decoy in action The Floozie Jake Turkey Decoy taking a beating The Floozie Turkey Decoy in front of a ground blind The Floozie Turkey Decoy success, hens hate her, gobblers die for her.